Don’t Starve Beta – First Thoughts

By: Kitboga

Posted on: November 15, 2012

A good friend of mine shared a beta key with me through steam last weekend to play Klei Entertainment’s newest game: Don’t Starve. After playing for a few hours it quickly became one of my all time favorite sandbox/survival games.

If exploring a rich randomly generated creative landscape, building various tools, cooking up new food recipes, battling mysterious swamp monsters and so so much more… you should buy this game straight away.

Currently in open beta, with an alpha steam version of the game, you’ll gain access to not one  but two copies of the game for just $12. You can also play it online through your chrome browser via the chrome store.

I’ve only been playing for a couple days now and have probably died more than 14 times.  Normally I would be pretty upset but it only made me more determined to find a way to survive.

You’ll start off with absolutely nothing, trapped in a strange world.

The user-interface and controls are incredibly simple and straight forward. Left clicking will move around and interact with the world and in some cases you’ll right click to equip or use items. Your hands won’t be sufficient for everything – you’ll need to find supplies to craft tools such as shovels, axes and torches.

It’s really that simple. Gather resources, and well, don’t starve! But it makes for an exciting survival game.

We’ll be posting more articles with tips and tricks, survival situations and hidden features. Stay Tuned!